#NiftyFuture Below 10182 can test 9966 levels, #BankNifty Future Below 25043 can test 24770…..23887

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Above is #NiftyFuture 30Min Chart As Per FIBOPOWER

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#NiftyFuture Currently Trading at 10132.80

Facing HURDLE around 10182 , below 10182 if trades or close below than can slide till 10092, now keep eye on 10092 if trade below for some time with volume or even close below can slide till 9966

Click below to see #BANKNIFTY FUTURE Chart

Above is #Banknifty Future 30 Min chart as per FIBOPOWER

#BankNifty Future Currently Trading at 25149.90

If breaks and trades below or even close below 25043 than can slide till 24770, if breaks and close below 24770 for 3 consecutive days than can slide till 23887


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